North American Christian Convention
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Provision Ministry Group
P.O. Box 19700
Irvine, CA  92623-9700

Phone: 800-597-9931

Provision Ministry Group is a family of ministries serving Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in North America.

Today the Provision Ministry Partners include three sister ministries: Church Development Fund, which provides investment options and church loans, Stadia: New Church Strategies, whose focus is to find, train, deploy, and support church multiplication leaders, and Visioneering Studios specializing in church master planning and site design.

PO Box 77862
Corona, CA 92877

Phone: 951-848-0569

Ethur exists to create spiritually focused projects that impact culture. Addressing issues from porn to poverty, this non-profit organization utilizes creativity, innovation and design to impact our world. The mission and directive for Ethur can be simply summed up with these two words: Do Good. In 2007 they launched the Junky Car Club, Deadly Viper Character Assassins, and projects with each initiative focused on a specific cultural issue.

In addition to sponsoring and providing day-to-day leadership of CCToday, Ethur works with many other organizations including Compassion International, Prison Entrepreneurship Program, Friends of Rwanda, and the Advent Conspiracy.

North American Christian Convention
110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330
Cincinnati, OH 45246

Phone: 513-772-9970

North American Christian Convention is an annual gathering of Christians for worship, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and networking. The convention serves as a "connecting place," providing ideas, inspiration and identity to New Testament churches, ministries and their leaders. Each of the 6,500 churches in North America that identify themselves as part of the fellowship of "Christian churches and churches of Christ" is independent and autonomously governed. Most of those churches choose to affiliate themselves with the North American Christian Convention.

Standard Publishing
8805 Governor's Hill Drive
Suite 400
Cincinnati, OH 45249

Phone: (513) 931-4050 or (800) 543-1353

Standard Publishing is a recognized leader in providing Christian resources for individuals, churches, schools and religious organizations. Founded in 1866, Standard Publishing continues to build upon its long-standing reputation for quality adult and children's products, including biblically based books, Sunday school materials, education resources and youth-related products.

People Driven Software
1008 Rushden Way
Apex, North Carolina 27502

Phone: 866-737-9273

People Driven Software provides breakthrough technology for progressive, outreach-oriented churches. People Driven Software is an award-winning, industry-leading company that serves over 500 churches in 13 different countries and prides itself on excellent products and customer service.

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